A moment of conviviality rediscovered

How can we surprise our loved ones, those we love, and offer them a warm moment with a touch of originality in a daily life that sometimes seems so well established?

And why not try some sweets from elsewhere? At the crossroads between tradition and modernity?

Sharing a box of loukoums with friends and family, over a cup of coffee or tea, is much more than a moment of indulgence. It's a new form of rediscovered conviviality that offers us a touch of magic. The lokum or loukoum is not only a treat with oriental flavors that are as subtle as they are tasty, it is also an opportunity to get together, to exchange or to surprise your loved ones with a gourmet and unique gift.

No need to travel to taste and let friends or family discover what you have tasted in Turkey, our artisanal and traditional quality products will be perfect for your tables, evenings, and this for any occasion. A movie night with friends, a family occasion or simply want to please with a gourmet and unusual gift that will bring a friendly atmosphere to your events.

In addition, our Turkish pastries are made according to the rules of the culinary art with passion. With rose petals, pieces of pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, coconut, cocoa, biscuit. Our products are as much a visual spectacle as they are a gustatory pleasure. Some of the creations designed as works of art will also be invited to your events, such as wedding ceremonies, baptisms, and more generally any celebration of a festive nature

So are you ready to experience unique moments of sharing around fresh and authentic sweets?