How long can Loukoums be kept? How to store them?

Since loukoums are confectionery, they have a long shelf life. They can be kept for several weeks to several months if certain storage conditions are met :

·         Store the loukoums in an airtight box at room temperature

·         Absolutely avoid the refrigerator. Long exposure to cold can affect the shelf life of loukoums.

·         Avoid heat sources such as radiator, oven. Significant temperature variations affect the shelf life of loukoums and their taste qualities.

What is the DLC (Use-by Date) of your products?

Our products do not have strictly speaking DLC but after several months (about 4 to 12 months depending on variety), our products can gradually lose their taste flavors.

Do you ensure delivery? What is the delivery time.

Hibisway does not directly ensure delivery, once your order is prepared Hibisway entrusts your packages to a very wide choice of carriers, so that each customer can find the carrier of his choice and the nearest possible parcel relay for customers opting for parcel relay delivery.

What are your delivery times?

Attention these deadlines do not take into account the preparation time and the delivery time.

The delivery time depends on the carrier chosen, the deadlines announced as an indication (non-contractual except Chronopost 24/48 hours) are 3 to 4 working days (excluding weekends and holidays). It may be that the delivery is a little faster, and in rarer cases a little longer.

The indicative period of the carriers begins from the pick-up of the package in the transport network and not from the deposit by Hibisway with the carriers.

It's been 4 days since I received my package yet what should I do?

First of all check on the website of the chosen carrier with your tracking number the status of the delivery of your package. It may be that the email or sms informing you of the availability of your parcel in relay has not reached you. If the status of the package is still in transit, you will still have to wait.

Be aware that as soon as a package is delayed, the carriers are restarted by our teams.

Nevertheless, you can always contact us via the contact form in your customer area or by whatsapp.

Where are you located? Do you have a shop where you can pick up or choose your products?

We are based on the island of France but Hibisway currently only sells online. If things change you will be informed through our newsletter.

Are payments secure?

Yes all our payments are secured through Stripe one of the safest payment systems in the world as well as PayPal whose reputation is just as reliable among current payment methods.

Where do your loukoums come from? How are they produced?

Our loukoums are manufactured in our workshops in Turkey, where the know-how in this area is incomparable. The loukoums are of traditional and artisanal design, which explains why the shape and size of the loukoums can vary very significantly according to your orders.

Do you use glucose syrup in your products? And do you use gelatin?

Our loukoums are made in a traditional way with the original recipe of loukoum that is to say : sugar, water, and corn starch.

They do not contain gelatin or glucose syrup.

Are your products gluten-free?

Classic loukoums, fingers and square are gluten-free (except those containing Kadayif, which is wheat-based)

As for " sarmas " products, all those containing cookies, or Kadayif contain Gluten.

Our workshops regularly use gluten-based products, so traces of Gluten may be present in our products.

Can we customize the discovered boxes and others?

No, unfortunately for reasons of productivity and delay the boxes already composed can not be customized. However, you have to choose 3 varieties of your choice with the "box to compose" offer

I did not receive a confirmation email after making the payment.

First of all, remember to check that the confirmation email is not in the junk, if it is not present, check in your customer area that the address you have entered is the right one. If the address is the right one contact us by messaging or whatsapp so that we can redirect you to our technical service.