Hibisway is the story of loukoum fans who make an observation: it is very difficult (if not impossible) to find good loukoum in France. Too sweet, too industrial, too hard to chew, tasteless and especially no loukoum sarmas.

In any case, there is no product that competes with the products of Anatolia.

This observation is shared with many travelers who return from Istanbul and its Grand Bazaar with the disappointment of not finding sweets of the same quality on their return.

After many trips back and forth to the land of the famous confectionery: Turkey, an idea was born, to create an offer that would reconcile France with lovers of loukoums.

It was after many weeks of discovering and selecting the best Turkish pastry recipes that Hibisway was born.

The idea was not to disappoint anyone by selecting the famous cubed loukoums, but also the sarmas with pistachio cream, almonds, peanut oreo, biscuits etc...

And let's not forget the loukoums square (in Turkish: Fitil kesme), and the fingers, these extra soft and premium sweets, with pistachios, which are intended to be healthier because of the simplicity of their recipe.

Our philosophy was born:

Hibisway to the ambition to take you on a journey through the flavours of its products.

As the hibiscus moved to the rhythm of caravans from Egypt to the East, and from Asia to Europe, our oriental sweets will take you through many countries in a single bite.

Much more than a confectionery, it is a gourmet adventure that we offer you, in the footsteps of the inventor of the first loukoums: Ali Muheddin Haci Bakir.

Your taste buds will take off on a gustatory journey, and this will make you savor our Turkish lokums as if you were comfortably seated on the banks of the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

Quite a program!

Now you know where to buy your famous sweets, whether you are in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Brussels, Madrid, our loukoumes will know where you are.

So don't miss the flight for a sweet and unique getaway and don't hesitate to share it with your loved ones who have not had the opportunity to go to Turkey with one of our gift boxes, to bring them a ray of Turkish sunshine directly to their plate.