The Hibisway Guide: How to choose your loukoums?

Now that you've figured out where to buy artisan-quality Turkish delights, there's only one more step before you get your hands dirty.

When you mostly know the loukoum in cubes, and you don't know the other varieties, it can sometimes be difficult to make your choice.

Don't worry, we've contacted you with a short guide to help you find the traditional loukoum that suits you.


Before going into the details of the flavors, here is a presentation of the 4 categories of this famous oriental pastry with flavors of rose, pistachio, almonds, baklava and much more.

The Classics

The classics : 

These are the traditional loukoums in cubes, the best known and those at the origin of the famous oriental confectionery and its variations.

Their natural flavour (original recipe), flavoured or garnished with pistachios, hazelnuts or peanuts.

The Sarmas

Sarma : 

Thetrendy product par excellence: it is composed of a thin layer of flavoured or milk-based loukoum filled with a melting cream.

This cream is a success, it  brings a note of greediness with its hazelnuts, pistachios, toasted almonds or even Oreo, biscuit, nutella...

Ideal for a gourmet and original gift idea

The Squares

The Squares:

This is the premium and elegant version of the loukoum. 

This loukoum is served in a square with a generous pistachio (or hazelnut) filling, and covered with pistachios, rose petals or sliced hazelnuts. 

The excellence of handcrafted premium loukoum

The Fingers


The extra tender version of Turkish loukoum, it comes in the form of a stick in which whole pistachios are encrusted. 

Melting in the mouth and rich in colour, with just a hint of aroma and colouring, it is an ideal alternative confection to sweets made up of many additives. Young and old alike have found their candy

But they all look just as good. What do you recommend?

First of all, although it is not yet as well-known as cubes, we recommend that all foodies try their hand at loukoums sarmas. 

It was rare until then to find this variety of loukoum in France to the great dismay of gourmets. 

And for good reason, the first bite  is often the moment of a revelation. We are often asked to describe sarma or its cream, 

Our answer: it's simply a unique product, like asking someone to describe chocolate to someone who doesn't know it.

Halfway between Turkish pastry and oriental confectionery, this artisanal and traditional sweet from elsewhere will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to choose your loukoum sarma?

We have concocted sarma boxes by category. If you are a fan of pistachio opt for the pistacchio box, you prefer almonds, the Allmond box should please you.

If you prefer chocolate flavours or trendy flavours such as speculos rafaëllo: the trendy box should please you.

And if you don't have a preference or idea, let yourself be tempted by one of the formats of discovery box: Smart box (8 varieties) / discovery box (12 varieties) or discovery superbox (all varieties available)

Finally, if you want to opt for particular flavors, you have the option of composing your box.

It should be noted that we regularly renew our range with new products.

Here are the 6 most popular varieties with our customers: 

Double Pistachio, Croqu'Almond, Pistacchio Classic, Comme Dans un rêve, Istanbul Forever, Rafaello Party.

How to choose your loukoum square?

If you like classic Turkish delights, you won't be able to resist the squares that bring an extra touch of refinement.

We currently have 5 varieties of loukoum square: do you like hazelnuts? The crazy nuts should please you.

As for the other 4 varieties, what will differentiate will be the base of milk loukoum for the milky touch with softer and rounder flavors.

With honey flavours for honeystacchio, or fruity  for the other varieties with a sprinkling of Kadayif for the sensitive touch or rose petals for Sur un lit de Rose.

Even though all tastes are in nature, the varieties most appreciated by our customers are: Honeystacchio & On a Bed of Rose


Honey & pistachio I love it!

On a Rose Bed

Pomegranate, pistachio & rose petal I love it! Top Seller

How to choose your classic loukoum?

The original range allows you to discover the original Turkish loukoum recipe with the Original One, and its variations: rose, mint or pomegranate.

The classic hazelnut or pistachio range consists of varieties of loukoum flavoured with honey, pomegranate or milk. 

Turkish delights are covered with corn starch (often equated with icing sugar) or shredded coconut. 

A delight for the taste buds, just like in Istanbul
The most popular classics of our customers: Original Rose, Original One, Classic Pomegranate, Milkystacchio.

The 4 most popular classics

Classic Granada

Loukoum in its purest form I'm cracking

Original One

Loukoum in its purest form I'm cracking

Classic Nuts

Gourmet and generous Je Craque Top seller

Original Rose

Gourmet and generous Je Craque Top seller

Our Best Sellers

Do you prefer to follow the trend and let yourself be guided by our bestsellers?

Here you will find the selection among our best Turkish confectionery, those that are most popular with our customers and the boxes that our customers are snatching from France, Europe and Turkey.

Our customers have tested and approved them!

Super Discovery Box

All the sarmas in a box I crack Top sale

Original Rose

The origins of the loukoum I crack top sellers

Purple Sweetness

A colourful show

I crack top sellers

Double Pistachio

Double dose of pistachio I crack Top sellers

Integral Box

A colourful show

I crack top sellers

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