Box sarma trend 500gr
  • Box sarma trend 500gr

Box sarma trend 500gr

The trendy box: it will correspond to those who like to explore new flavors. The sarmas of this box have adapted to the era of time with tastes still unknown until then in the world of loukoum: Oréo, wafer, spread, biscuit and many other flavors that we did not necessarily expect there. And yet the result is there! To the point that we start replacing our chocolate (or biscuit) coffee with one of these sarmas.

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The trendy Box, the loukoum in the era of time

Who said that the loukoum should remain confined to its tradition? In this box, innovations in loukoum and cream are on the menu. Whether it is strawberry, with cookies, spreads our creams are to the taste of current trends. So what are you waiting for to switch to the mania trend?

The Trendy box containing an assortment of varieties of sarmas with new flavors (brownie, biscuit, creamy break ...). The box is composed of about a dozen pieces of sarma of 30 to 40g each.

Weight: 500g

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