Green Apple Finger 330gr
  • Green Apple Finger 330gr

Green Apple Finger 330gr

Goldfingers: this extra tender and long version of the loukoums is with honey aromas topped with a few whole pistachios.

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Goldfingers, the art of simplicity

In the fingers range, one of the classics is the goldfingers, with honey aromas and pistachios, this loukoum will delight fans of simplicity, its honey aromas and its soft texture will transport you for a moment to a haven of peace.

Ingredients: Sugar, water, cornstarch, pistachios, vanilla, acidity regulator (E330), honey aroma. Allergens: nuts. May also contain traces of sesame, nuts, hazelnut, almonds, peanuts. Average nutritional values (per 100g): Energy 366.7 Kcal, protein: 2.1g, Fat 3.1g (of which saturated fatty acids: 0.5g), Carbohydrates 82.3g including sugars: 63.7g. Salt: 0g Fiber: 0.6g

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